With the digitalisation of data and the emergence of e-publishing, the book industry is a brave new world full of universal growth opportunities for everyone from publishers to book retailers; thanks to a number of benefits, including:

No printing costs
No inventory storage costs
Potential to reach a global audience in seconds

“Publish or perish” takes on an all new meaning in the 21st century publishing landscape with major publishers seeing a 10 percent increase in revenue in the digital book market. And it’s only going to get better as e-book technology continues to advance.

What can we expect to see from today’s rich, increasingly sophisticated e-book content? More streamlined integration, enhanced usability, and cutting edge interactivity; all of which can be used on-the-go and with unprecedented cost effectiveness.

Wondering how to navigate this new terrain? Let Repro be your guide. We empower publishers to explore new revenue channels as well as traditional delivery models across B2C, B2B and B2B2C business channels.


Repro has created a digital marketplace comprising a huge inventory of national and International titles with the goal of becoming one of India’s largest and most comprehensive e-book stores.

In joining forces with Repro, publishers have the confidence of knowing Repro’s solutions are secure, cutting-edge, and aligned with their digital strategies.

Services include:

Digital asset management, including a secured content repository at Repro’s dedicated data centre

A complete audit trail ensuring around-the-clock content security

Direct distribution of content to end users

File conversion services, as necessary

Key benefits include:
  • Fast, secure and automated global digital distribution through partner channels

  • Comprehensive reporting, including real-time feedback on all e-content activity

  • Metadata standardisation for simple searchability

  • An ever-growing distribution network

  • Copyright, trademarks, service marks, goodwill, and all other intellectual property rights and rights of action remain the publisher’s sole and exclusive property.

  • The additional option of establishing an online e-book storefront powered by Repro’s Cloud Store


We are driven by the vision of a world in which education meets student demand, keeps pace with technology, and safeguards the earth through a smaller eco-footprint. The result? RAPPLES: A smarter ecosystem in which tablet PCs are pre-loaded with digital content for students and teachers that is delivered via an innovative content delivery platform and backed by a robust LMS.

Offerings include:

A customized tablet PC for each student and teacher

Pre-loaded electronic books in all subjects

Interactive learning

The ability to embed photos, videos, and voice into lessons

A teacher-controlled environment

Parent-controlled access to information