What began as a small printing press in 1990 has since grown into a comprehensive, international publishing industry services company. 

A consistent theme throughout Repro’s ongoing transformation has been an unwavering commitment to the success of its diverse partners by offering customised solutions for publishers.

Comprising physical book distribution, print on­ demand, offset printing, and digital services, Repro works closely with publishers, retailers, bookstores, libraries, and schools both domestically and internationally to provide dynamic and targeted solutions for today’s complex content publishing challenges.

By leveraging Repro’s extensive expertise and network of connections for their printing needs, today’s growth­-minded businesses free themselves to focus on other, mission-­critical applications. 


Where is Repro? With a presence spanning four continents from Asia and Africa to the U.S. and the U.K., Repro has been serving the globe with its pioneering industry solutions for nearly three decades.

The takeaway? Wherever you are and whether you’re in need of content design and adaptation, multimedia enhancements, digital warehousing, physical distribution, or other strategic printing services, Repro is at the ready -- from one single, sought-after book on-demand for a leisure reader to print runs of millions for the world's readers .

Repro’s Diverse Solutions

Three robust operating units to breathe new life into your business

Repro India

As the company’s core business, our offset book printing service is your one-stop shop for comprehensive printing services. With plants in Surat, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, and Chennai, Repro produces millions of books every year for publishers in India as well as across the globe at minimal cost and with optimal turnaround times. Even large volume prints are no match for our cutting edge web offset machines, state-of-the-art bindery, and relationships with top paper mills.

Repro Knowledgecast

As a content aggregator, Repro KnowledgeCast bridges the geographical gap between publishers and their end customers -- from students to leisure readers -- all over the world. From ebooks to physical books delivered via online and offline channels, Repro ensures that all content is quickly and easily accessible for maximum consumer satisfaction.


Today’s technologically savvy 21st-century students need equally tech-forward 21st-century tools. Enter the Rapples (Repro Applied Learning Solutions) Learning Management System. 

This customisable and robust pre-loaded educational tablet offers an unprecedented learning and teaching solution aimed at imparting knowledge in the most effective and compelling way.

Billions of books all over the globe are waiting to be discovered by the world’s readers. Repro offers invaluable partnership in connecting these books with readers. The result? Win-win outcomes for publishers and readers alike.

Interested in working with us to help make the literary world better?

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