Looking for a simple way to satisfy customer demand without overprinting? Repro’s advanced print-on-demand technology gives publishers unprecedented control over printing costs. With POD, print only the books you sell -- whether one or 1,000 -- while gaining an immediate path to reduced overhead and increased sales.

When you choose Repro’s POD services, you do so with the confidence of never warehousing another book or missing a sale again. From backlists to best sellers, every title is always in print, while both inventory and warehouse costs are simultaneously reduced with no sacrifice of quality; thanks to the choice of formats (paperbacks, hardbacks, journals and more); variable trim sizes; and top-grade paper stock. But that's not all. You also gain access to economical and expedient shipping through our distribution network of global partners.

Let Repro manage your inventory logistics while you focus on doing what you do best: publishing more books.


Do you have larger printing projects of 750 copies or more? If so, Repro’s offset book printing service offers a way to significantly reduce costs while optimising turnaround times.

Our plants in Surat, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, and Chennai can produce a million books daily for publishers throughout the country as well as in 22 countries in Africa through long and short run offset printing -- the core business of Repro since our inception.

How do we do it? A winning combination of state-of-the-art web offset machines, an extraordinary bindery, and strong connections with leading paper mills allows us to efficiently and effectively manage large volume products.

Our short run facility, meanwhile, comprises a series of sheet-fed machines which expertly service multiple title projects in Education, Trade, General and Fiction across all of our plants, while an investment in building in-house capacity allows us to produce high-end covers with customized foil stamping, 3D lamination, and embossing -- all characteristic of trade and general books.

Repro's team of experts is available to advise you on a number of value engineering enterprises, including cover design improvement; making right-sized books; and choosing suitable papers and formats. The result? Beautiful yet cost-effective books, and an invaluable leading market edge.