Today’s students expect an educational experience that is aligned with the way they live. Unfortunately, conventional textbooks can fall short of this aim.

Repro’s goal? To help institutions, faculty members and other educational stakeholders meet the challenges of the 21st Century with smarter tools and leading-edge resources designed to enrich the classroom experience and optimize the comprehensive learning process.


In response to the profound potential of “digitalization” on education, Repro has invested in India’s first tablet with pre-loaded, interactive textbooks: the Repro Applied Learning Solution, aka. “RAPPLES.”

RAPPLES is a complete learning solution featuring a Learning Management System (LMS) for students and teachers. All books are enriched with preloaded digital content and question banks aimed at accommodating varying skill levels and different visual and auditory learning styles.

Content is accessible through the tablet’s innate eBook reader. The comprehensive LMS also offers the option of creating or preloading lesson plans for delivery in the classroom by teachers.


A customized tablet PC for each student and teacher

Pre-loaded electronic books in all subjects

Interactive learning

The ability to embed photos, videos, and voice into lessons

A teacher-controlled environment

Parent-controlled access to information

The RAPPLES program is designed to be implemented in schools with the following functionalities:
Converts all the subjects of a particular grade level into digital books
Delivers all the subjects through a dedicated tablet for each student and teacher
Offers students more enriched experiences and customized learning through in-built interactivity with content
Trains teachers to use the technology more effectively as a supplement to their teaching processes
Creates a “smart” classroom environment

Each of these features is supported by the LMS in order to gauge the individual performance of each student and create more streamlined pathways toward success. Students today need more than knowledge; they need the skills to navigate the increasingly wired world in which we live. The RAPPLES educational solution doesn't just support learning, but learning with direct impact - within the context of the real world.

In short, it lets you do everything you can do with a textbook and much more. Embed, enhance, and empower today's students with RAPPLES. To request a demo or to learn more about putting this innovative educational solution to work for your organization, visit