How can Repro help you tap into it today's vast e-tail market? Our strategic partnerships with domestic and international e-tail entities helps publishers ensure that their books are available to both Indian and global readers.

Our goal? To provide publishers with the ability to print any number of books at any time as part of our end-to-end solution for comprehensive content management and distribution across multiple platforms. Current book customers not only have more options, but also more competitive pricing and faster delivery.

We back up these promises through the following value propositions:

Print on demand as few as a single copy per title
Service pan-India according to demand, including last-mile delivery services with a reduced turnaround time vis-a-vis conventional printing and distribution
Provide international titles at competitive prices and at significantly lower turn around time
Sell domestic titles globally


What advantages can you gain by choosing Repro -- all with little to no upfront investment?

Eliminate warehousing
Eliminate returns
Eliminate obsolescence
24/7 availability of books
Eliminate lost sales
Shorten the credit cycle


What benefits can you expect when employing Repro solutions?

Established relationships with publishers
Expanded presence
Access to a vast and varied content repository
No ‘out of stock’ situation
Faster turn around time for International titles
Repro’s e-Retail Value Proposition:

Zero inventory! Our one-book model allows publishers to print books in real time based on actual demand. The result? Drastically reduced publisher storage and inventory costs while still meeting customer demand. We also cover all digital storage costs.

No returns! Real-time printing and delivery minimises large project returns.

Quick and efficient distribution!  Books are picked up directly from our warehouses by our e-retail partners with competitive turnaround times due to our strategic partnerships.

Faster payments! POD and e-retail models promote shorter payment cycle times and more predictable cash flow.

Bring back your backlist! Robust, scalable printing methods generate a revenue stream for titles which would otherwise be unavailable or out of print.

Broaden your reach! Collaborations with some of the world’s largest book and publishing aggregators allow you to reach potential customers across the globe.

Boost your online presence! Repro’s competitive turn around time, pricing, low return rate, low cancellation rate and positive customer feedback have earned “trusted seller” status. Furthermore, we are actively involved across online channels to increase visibility and nurture demand.


Thinking of branching out beyond your own backyard? Let Repro be your guide. From to an extensive network of nearly 40,000 online bookstores, libraries, schools, brick and mortar retailers and various distribution partners, the world of book readers is literally at your fingertips.