Imagine a world with no need for inventory and yet near-endless stock availability. While it may sound like a publishing world utopia, it’s now a reality. A world in which ordering ANY book is as easy as ordering a pie? Repro’s innovative solution for contemporary bookstores delivers.


The status of space as a 21st-century commodity is exemplified no more clearly than by the ongoing plight of the modern book retailer.

How can you possibly house a comprehensive inventory of books that ensures your customers have access to whatever they’re looking for exactly when they need them? Given today’s instant gratification-minded consumers and the incredible inventory offered by the breadth and depth of online booksellers, survival in the complex world of content publishing becomes even more of a challenge.

But you don’t have to keep losing sales -- and customers! -- because of unavailability.


Repro’s intuitive ordering tool gives you access to a massive digital repository of more than one million domestic and international titles. The result? Virtual elimination of common problems like “out of stock” and “out of print.” From one copy to 1,000 copies, you can sell any book at any time -- regardless of whether you currently carry it -- all with a budget-benefiting POD advantage. 

Even better?
Repro’s low-cost, user-friendly format means access to a simultaneously targeted and yet heterogeneous market with none of the limitations or restrictions of conventional stock maintenance. In other words, it’s a strategic win-win.

How easy is it?
Just log onto Repro’s simple yet powerful online search, order and account management platform to find everything from complete title information to product images.  All right at your fingertips with Repro.

The best part?
The unprecedented speed through which books travel from our warehouses to your shelves means happier customers who’ll keep coming back again and again.

There’s no room for stagnancy in today’s competitive bookselling environment. Repro’s easy-to-use, customisable and dynamic platform includes everything you need to keep your inventory fresh, your customers satisfied, and your bottom line booming -- a truly best-of-both-worlds solution for growth-minded bookstores.