Distribute - Online

Today’s publishers face complex challenges when it comes to meeting rising consumer demand along with increasingly high consumer expectations. With distribution as one of the publishing cycle’s most critical stages, the imperative for effective distribution systems -- both throughout the country and around the globe -- is clear.

How can publishers best navigate the changing publishing landscape? Enter Repro.


The normal internal supply chain is flawed when it comes to minimizing distribution costs. Why? Because when a distributor orders books from a publisher, the unsold stock can be returned for up to a year after. This creates a multitude of management challenges; from stock turn to depreciation. Ultimately, this can lead to reversed sales revenues and lower profits.

Repro’s Print on Demand option offers bottom line-minded publishers an innovative alternative to conventional distribution methods. Our strategic relationships with an extensive network of e-retailers allow us to connect publishers directly with all of the country’s major online distribution channels.

The result of this new value chain? Not only do publishers gain optimized sales through more available titles and significantly shorter credit cycles, but issues related to inventory and returns are eliminated in the process.


Why should your market be exclusive to India? Not only is the whole world reading, but the growing global marketplace continues to offer new and exciting opportunities for businesses armed with the right resources.

In addition to our domestic Print on Demand services, we also offer unprecedented access to international markets and millions of potential customers and readers throughout the U.S., the U.K., Australia and France.

Our global network of print facilities and partners makes expanding your reach simple, while mitigating concerns which might otherwise be associated with entry into international markets. How? Expenses are covered by your partners with no cost to publishers with all transactions occurring in Indian Rupees thereby removing the need for conversion. Factor in accelerated shipping, and this adds up to a virtually risk-free growth strategy.

Why cling to antiquated and inferior distribution methods when you can leverage the latest technologies and services into real results? With Print on Demand, publishers not only streamline and optimize current domestic processes, but gain access to sought-after international markets.

Distribute - Offline

If you’re looking to take your offline distribution capabilities to the next level, Repro offers invaluable partnership through our drop ship and print-to-warehouse services.


One of the easiest ways to keep your customers satisfied? Quicker book deliveries. This is exactly what Repro aims for; thanks to the combination of a reliable logistics network and our cutting-edge POD technology.  

With Repro, you can send books directly to your customers in the most efficient and effective way possible, who’re sure to enjoy this new level of customer service, along with the convenience that goes along with it.


An easy alternative to plug-and-print methods, Repro’s Print-to-Warehouse services integrate our print and distribution operations with your warehouse. The result? A seamless connection between your supply chain and our POD technology.

Our print-to-warehouse services work in three simple, streamlined steps:

1. You send the order.

2. We print and ship the order to your warehouse, or cross dock with the rest of your orders.

3. We send you a single invoice for printing, handling, and shipping.

In other words, when we say it’s as simple as 1-2-3, we truly mean it.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you not only meet but exceed the needs of today’s demanding customers.