Leaders and Legends Publishers Enclave at Hyderabad city
January 30, 2011

Repro India organized the second leg of the Leaders and Legends Publishers Enclave in January in Hyderabad city. This is an initiative by Repro to bring the publishing community together to discuss trends, issues and dynamics in the changing marketplace. The theme was “Future Trends in Publishing”. 

As part of this, the increasing importance of digital content and it’s impact on the industry was discussed under two contexts viz. the process change at the file preparation stage that can help disseminate the content through a medium of one’s choice and second, the economics of using this technology and the revenue potential that it holds in the world today.

The major focus in every publisher’s establishment has been to combat the fast paced technological advancements in content management and dissemination. While there is an eagerness to embrace and harness the change, there are many questions that often arise; mostly related to the return on investment, marketing avenues, future growth and internal preparedness. Repro’s Leaders and Legends seminar at Hyderabad attempted to address these issues.

The conference did get a very encouraging response from the publishers. Most publishers felt that such an event has for the first time brought all members of the community, both big and small, onto a common platform and the insights that were shared can caused a paradigm shift in the way they wish to plan and strategize their future moves. 

Robert Baensch, who is on the Global Advisory Board of Repro India Limited, was the keynote speaker for the event and passionately shared his experiences and thoughts. After having concluded Delhi and Hyderabad, Repro plans to take this series to more cities in the coming future.